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As reflexology works on the client holistically, the rewards from a treatment can be felt by anyone.


While reflexology as a therapy does not claim to cure, nor can it diagnose diseases, it can through deep relaxation and the lowering of stress levels, help to ease symptoms that have been caused by lifestyle, tension, disease or illness.


Reflexology helps improve sleep and positively impacts on mood and overall wellbeing. It can stimulate the body’s cleansing processes and enhance circulation. Many find that through reflexology treatments they are more able to cope with their symptoms or illnesses and as everyone is unique, positive effects will be experienced on an individual basis


Stress & its Effects on the Systems of the Body

It is increasingly difficult to find time for ourselves in our busy daily lives and everyday stresses can leave us feeling tired and rundown which can impact on our health.


Stress is thought to be responsible for 75% of all illnesses. Long-term stress in particular, can have a detrimental effect on many systems in the body. It places the body on high alert, flooding it with stress hormones and restricting blood flow and oxygen supply & increasing toxins in the body. Over time this can compromise our immune system so making the body more susceptible to illness or disease.


By taking action to reduce stress levels now, it may help in the prevention of health problems in the future.


The Body’s Hormones

The body’s hormonal system is particularly sensitive to stress and the hormones released when the body is tense can have significant impacts on all areas and systems in the body. By releasing tension the body’s hormonal systems can be brought back to their normal levels and symptoms may be relieved.


The Reproductive System

The reproductive system is particularly vulnerable to stress hormones in both men and women.

Reflexology can help to balance the hormones responsible for the smooth functioning of the reproductive system.

It is a wonderful holistic therapy for supporting clients through all stages of the maternity journey, from preconception, through pregnancy and after baby is born.    As it is such a gentle treatment, babies and children can also enjoy the benefits.





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