It is a natural and non-invasive complementary therapy that promotes better health and harmony on a physical, mental and emotional level.


For the body to be healthy, every part must work together and any type of stress disrupts this balance.


In reflexology, every organ, gland and structure in the body is mapped out on the feet, face and hands. When careful pressure is applied to these reflex points using specific pressure techniques, the corresponding organ, gland or structure is affected, so restoring a free and natural flow of energy to optimise healing and return balance to the body’s systems.


Reflexology is best used as a cumulative therapy with greater benefits being achieved from a course of treatments.










Reflexology is a complementary therapy so should not be viewed as a replacement of conventional medical advice.


Facial Reflexology - Bergman Zone Method


Facial reflexology is a deeply relaxing yet powerful treatment, that focuses on the reflex points on the face. Facial reflexology aims to provide all the wonders of reflexology with some unique added benefits.


By working gently on the facial reflexes and by relieving tension in the facial muscles, facial reflexology can aid with stimulating the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the face, improving skin tone, and helping to achieve a glowing and more radiant complexion.



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