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During a reflexology treatment

As I am a mobile therapist you do not need to do anything in advance of my visit. With all reflexology treatments, I will set up in your  space and will bring the necessary equipment, including a reclining chair, pillows, towels, blanket and music.


Foot reflexology

During the first session, I will take a history your general health and explain a little about reflexology. Any questions or comments you may have can be shared.


The reflexology treatment will cover your lower calf, ankle and foot so you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks. During the treatment, you will be reclined in the chair with your feet raised so you can completely relax. I will carefully work the reflex points on your feet with a pressure that is comfortable and appropriate for you.


Pregnant clients will be positioned in a more upright position to ensure the greatest comfort.


It is important to remember that these treatments are for you, so we can tailor them to suit your needs.


I prefer to use pure cornflour or Neal’s Yard Mother’s Balm for the treatments.


Facial Reflexology

The therapy session will be similar to that described previously. The difference being that I will be seated at your head and will be gently working the reflex points on your face, using Neal’s Yard essential oils.


Your face, with the exception of the eye area, will be delicately cleansed with a cool face wipe. A hair band and towel will be used to keep your hair from falling forward during the treatment.


Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil or Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil will be used depending on your preference and the circumstances surrounding the treatment.


For example, if you are returning to work I would recommend frankincense oil, but if you are returning to a more restful environment, then rose oil may be more appropriate.


I do also use pure grapeseed oil if you would prefer that to the essential oils.


Combined Treatments

As with the individual treatments described above, you will be made comfortable in the reclining chair. I will usually begin with facial reflexology and then move down to treat the reflexes on the feet. As all treatments are tailor-made to suit you we can talk through your preferences.


Please be aware that while reflexology is beneficial for both men and women, I will treat gentlemen by prior introduction only.




While some people may feel revitalised and full of energy following their therapy session, mostly people feel calm, relaxed and drowsy. It is perfectly normal to fall asleep during a treatment.


As with all holistic therapies, symptoms may worsen slightly before improving. Some people may also feel cold, or sleepy, thirsty or may need to visit the lavatory more frequently. This is completely normal and will soon pass.


Avoid stimulants after a treatment such as tea, coffee and alcohol and drink plenty of water to assist the cleansing process.


If possible, rest after a treatment to allow your body time to heal itself.


After a facial reflexology treatment try and avoid make-up for a while if possible as it allows the skin some time to breathe.